MECS® Catalyst

As sales agency for MECS, DSD Chemtech offers a wide rage of catalysts for any type of sulfuric acid production, sulphonation and gas cleaning.


The XLP series catalysts provide the high activity, low pressure drop characteristics desired by most producers. The standard catalyst formulation has been modified to incorporate the essential cesium promoter (CS series) which activates the catalyst at lower temperatures. The cesium-promoted catalyst can be installed in both upper and lower pass applications. Both types of formulations are also available as ribbed ring for higher specific area and lower pressure drop.

GEAR™ – The new MECS® catalysts, GR-330 and GR-310, join low pressure drop with increased activity. This saves energy and reduces emissions. They can be used to replace all catalysts in contact towers. The new catalysts’ geometry leads to a lower pressure drop of up to 30%. Combining an optimal design with a better composition delivers higher activity and, therefore, increased performance.

For applications where low gas velocity converter vessels are still used, our solid pellet catalyst provides uniform gas distribution and maximum conversion performance.

With MECS we provide catalyst engineering studies to assist the customer in determining the catalyst needs in a specific plant. A customer sample analysis (activity analysis and hardness determinations for used catalyst samples), and on-site converter-heat exchanger testing (called PeGaSys) are available to fully characterize the sulfuric acid plant operations that assist the customer in maintenance planning.

The XLP-110/T-11 properties are formulated to handle the most harsh converter environments (high SO2, high temperatures, high dust loadings, etc.) while maintaining excellent conversion performance and ring/pellet strength.

The LP-110/T-750 catalysts are designed for lower bed applications (low SO2, low O2, possibly high SO3, slow reaction rates) in order to ensure the highest SO2 conversion rates and the highest catalytic stability.

The cesium-promoted catalysts (Cs-110, XCs-120 and SCX-200) were developed specifically for lower temperature operations which can lead to greater SO2 conversion and hence lower SO2 emissions to the atmosphere.

MECS® catalyst benefits are:

• Long life

• Low pressure drop

• High activity

• Low screening losses

• Variety of packaging

• Global stock/supply at short notice

• Technical support

• Increased capacity

• Optimized lower bed activity

• Faster plant start-ups

MECS® catalysts are used in many processes:

• Sulfuric acid plants

• Sulphonation

• Gas cleaning

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