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With 50 years of experience our experts will select the appropriate filter for your gas turbine. Founded in 1966, altair®, formerly GE Air Filtration, developed the clearcurrent® brand utilizing the GE expertise in gas turbine design to further define the right criteria for proper inlet filtration.


We are the choice for advanced filtration for new units and replacement filters. Our inlet system designs include self-cleaning (pulse) and static inlet systems for all gas turbine OEMs. We supply a full range of filter types at all efficiency levels. The predictable and reliable performance of our air filters significantly reduces compressor contamination and the need for unplanned maintenance.

clearcurrent vCell Filters

CLARCOR Industrial Air engineered the clearcurrent vCell filters to meet stringent OEM qualifications including testing for efficiency, environmental conditions, strength, life & durability. This gives us confidence that our vCells will provide the best protection for your Gas Turbine. The clearcurrent vCells are offered in two ranges, clearcurrent vCells which are filters that meet standard OEM requirements and our clearcurrent PRO vCells, which include our unique PRO technology.

The clearcurrent vCell filter is made using fully potted pleated panels to provide a complete seal and is mounted within an ABS plastic frame. Protective grids incorporated on the downstream surface deliver robust performance, even in high under-pressure conditions, which can be experienced in gas turbine applications. A specially designed gasket seals the rear contact surface of the filter frame against the holding frame of the filter house. This eliminates the possibility of air or water bypassing the filters when in service. The clearcurrent vCell, is available in a range of filtration efficiencies, and an extended filtration surface area, which ensures low pressure loss and high dust-holding capacity, with optimized drainage performance.


clearcurrent Cartridge Filters

The clearcurrent® cartridge filters from CLARCOR Industrial Air are designed to meet stringent OEM qualifications including testing for efficiency, environmental conditions, strength, life & durability. This gives us confidence that our cartridges will provide the best protection for your Gas Turbine. The clearcurrent cartridges offer 3 main product categories that meet the key requirements that you have to protect your turbines.

    • PRO (Predictable, Reliable Output): Fleet tested compressor health improvements that results in increased output and lower heat rate, with level pressure loss.
    • NanoPleat Technology: Advanced nano-fiber technology that increases efficiency, reduces emissions and lengthens filter life.
    • Standard Pulse (SP): Engineered to meet a wide range of environmental conditions.


CLARCOR Industrial Air supplies a full range of inlet systems and filters designed to meet your operating goals, including:

• Higher power output
• Lower operating costs
• Proven performance utilizing advanced filter technology
• Maximum protection against corrosion and fouling
• Extended gas turbine availability
• High dust-holding capacity helps extend filter life and reduce costs
• Easy to install and change out to reduce downtime
• Easily disposable by incineration

Energy & Electric Utilities

Dust, carbon, sand, insects, fog, rain, salt spray… just some of the contaminants that can impair the performance of a gas turbine used for generating power in the Energy & Electric Utility sector.

Often located in industrial areas near other combustion sources, power plants frequently operate in an atmosphere containing high levels of small particulate. Even rural locations can be subjected to large amounts of particulate, usually related to seasonal agricultural processes.

These contaminants can significantly reduce turbine performance – resulting in frequent maintenance and costly downtime. To ensure your turbines continue to run at optimum efficiency, CLARCOR Industrial Air can provide a clearcurrent inlet protection system tailored to the operating environment.

Drawing from nearly 50 years of innovative research & development expertise, CLARCOR Industrial Air clearcurrent gas turbine inlet systems are designed exclusively for gas turbines. These protection systems are developed for specific environmental conditions – such as coastal, dessert & dusty areas, high or low humidity and areas with high or low levels of particulate.

Along with filter housings, we supply turbine inlet cooling, ventilation systems, acoustic packages and air quality services. Inlet cooling can provide additional power where needed, implemented either as a new unit or as a retrofit, CLARCOR Industrial Air can provide a solution to fit your needs. Our service packages can diagnose environments to drive decisions to gain the best out of your gas turbine.

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