Mist Eliminator

Brink® Mist Eliminators were continuously improved. That is why they have been amongst the leading eliminators in sulfuric acid and chlorine plants for decades and why they are indispensable also in many other industrial plants


Brink® Mist Eliminators provide a reliable highly efficient removal of submicron droplets and soluble particles from any gas stream.

A wide range of different types and designs was developed to remove visible plume from any gas stream, to decrease droplet emissions, to increase the efficiency of production processes and to protect the downstream equipment from corrosion and fouling within the process.

Brink® is a registered trademark of MECS.

All mist eliminators operate in a similar manner. Gases containing mist particles are directed horizontally through a fiber bed. Particles collect on individual fibers of the bed, coalesce to form liquid films and drain off of the bed by gravity.

Diffusion eliminators (Brink® Mist Eliminator models XP, ES, HE, HE plus) are specially designed for eliminating submicron particles. Impaction separators (Brink® Mist Eliminator models CS-IP, CS-IIP, HV) are used for larger particles.

Brink® Mist Eliminators are adapted to particular specifications from a single filter candle to an entire turn-key project.

Brink® Mist Eliminator benefits are:

• Low pressure drop

• High efficiency

• Low maintenance

• Low lifecycle costs

• High availability

• Over 5000 installations in hundreds of applications

• Over 60 years of experience with mist elimination

• Broadest selection of products for mist and droplet elimination

• Best technical support in the industry worldwide

• Worldwide manufacturing and availability

Brink® Mist Eliminators are used in many processes:

• Sulfuric acid/oleum

• Chlorine

• Plasticizer

• Sulphonation

• Hydrochloric acid

• Nitric acid

• Ammonium nitrate

• Solvents

• Asphalt and roofing manufacturing

• Incinerators

• Compressed gas

• And much more

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