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sulfuric acid industry

Sulfuric acid plants pose many challenges, and corrosion ranks at or near the top of the list. DSD Chemtech offers a number of products and solutions to meet these challenges.


But we do more than simply offer products – we offer solutions. Whether it’s a pump tank, a tower, an acid distributor, a heat recovery system, or even an acid cooler or piping system, we can find the right solution to meet your needs.

ZeCor® is a registered trademark of MECS.

Our corrosion-resistant stainless steel products have been put to the test in thousands of installations and applications. The best brand for strong acid applications is ZeCor®, a corrosion-resistant stainless steel product available exclusively from MECS. We also provide
numerous other widely used stainless steel products, such as 310M for Heat Recovery Systems (HRS).

We offer the UniFLO™ Distributor in patented ZeCor® stainless steel, one of the toughest corrosion-resistant materials on the market. We also use a variety of other stainless steels to meet your specific needs. In fact, our equipment has a standard life of 20-plus years. Over the long haul, UniFLO™ Distributors save more than 25 percent over conventional designs for initial capital costs and long term maintenance.

The newest, patented UniFLO™ design gives you all the advantages of a conventional trough-style distributor with many added benefits. Gate assemblies in each trough afford easy flow adjustment – without changing out orifice plates. The result is unparalleled, uniform distribution.

UniFLO Acid Distributor benefits are:

  • Uniform acid distribution
  • Reliability
  • Enhanced safety
  • Less maintenance
  • Light-weight construction
  • Durability
  • Low costs

 UniFLO™ is a registered trademark of MECS.

DSD Chemtech offers the MonPlex™ Plate Heat Exchanger. This proprietary technology withstands the harsh conditions present in a sulfuric acid plant while providing the effective heat transfer needed to maintain catalyst bed temperatures essential for conversion efficiency.

Modular and custom-designed to meet your application, the MonPlex™ Heat Exchanger is compact and available in both cross flow and counter flow configurations. This modular design offers the most flexible and efficient flow arrangements. It also offers significant improvements in design and operational flexibility, including the freedom to select appropriate materials of construction for each heat transfer zone.

DSD Chemtech offers a range of solutions to meet your needs for acid cooling. We approach each project to optimize performance and reliability, and to address the unique concerns of your plant. Every cooler is custom-designed to meet your specific process conditions.

ZeCor® Coolers give you the option of using a stainless steel with superior corrosion resistance, and the added benefit of eliminating costs associated with operating traditional cathodic protection systems. Used in numerous applications, ZeCor® Shell and Tube Coolers are virtually maintenance-free. So you avoid costly downtime for inspections and repairs.

We also provide cathodically-protected acid coolers to meet your process conditions, economics and preference. Our Filmgard 4 replaces any existing protection systems with a common, centrally located package for monitoring system performance.

DSD Chemtech is a reliable partner during the modification and optimization of process units or the replacement of existing equipment and vessels.

In corporation with our partners we are in the position to deliver a range of components from small pressure vessels up to single components with diameters up to 7m, 50m length and weights up to 200t. A combination of technical know-how and latest process technologies guarantees a high-quality operation profit.

Brink® Mist Eliminators provide a reliable highly efficient removal of submicron droplets and soluble particles from any gas stream.

A wide range of different types and designs was developed to remove visible plume from any gas stream, to decrease droplet emissions, to increase the efficiency of production processes and to protect the downstream equipment from corrosion and fouling within the process.

Brink® is a registered trademark of MECS.

As sales agency for MECS, DSD Chemtech offers a wide rage of catalysts for every sulfuric acid application, sulphonation and gas cleaning.

The XLP series catalysts provide the high activity, low pressure drop characteristics desired by most producers. The standard catalyst formulation has been modified to incorporate the essential cesium promoter (CS series) which activates the catalyst at lower temperatures. The cesium-promoted catalyst can be installed in both upper and lower pass applications. Both types of formulations are also available as ribbed ring for higher specific area and lower pressure drop.

GEAR™ – The new MECS® catalysts, GR-330 and GR-310, join low pressure drop with increased activity. This saves energy and reduces emissions. They can be used to replace all catalysts in contact towers. The new catalysts’ geometry leads to a lower pressure drop of up to 30%. Combining an optimal design with a better composition delivers higher activity and, therefore, increased performance.

For applications where low gas velocity converter vessels are still used, our solid pellet catalyst provides uniform gas distribution and maximum conversion performance.

With MECS we provide catalyst engineering studies to assist the customer in determining the catalyst needs in a specific plant. A customer sample analysis (activity analysis and hardness determinations for used catalyst samples), and on-site converter-heat exchanger testing (called PeGaSys) are available to fully characterize the sulfuric acid plant operations that assist the customer in maintenance planning.


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